Welcome to my Digital Resume and Portfolio!


I discovered my passion and talent for writing at a young age. Writing clearly and concisely is an important aspect of the public relations field. I put time and hard work into my writings and only deliver the best.


I love to communicate and connect with others. Communication is key to building relationships and conveying and exchanging information. I've learned that the more you communicate with others, the more you will increase your network that will be beneficial to your future.


I believe in hard work and accomplishing things. I finish every job that I start and deliver the best quality for every project that I do.

What You Will Find

What I've Learned

My Resume

In this section you will find information about my education, work experience, skills and involvement. I have gained a diverse range of exerpience through my internships and jobs that have provided me with a unique skill set.

What I've Created

My Portfolio

In this section you will find the different projects I have created throughout my college career. My porfolio inlcudes research, writing and projects created using Adobe Creative Suite that demonstrate my various skills.

What I've Written

My Blog

In this section you will find my personal blog that I have created with my digital resume and portfolio. My blog contains feature stories that I have written for Auburn Family and personal use.


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