Mocking Death to Millennials- A Group Case Study

The research presented in this project was done in the class “Public Relations Case Studies" at Auburn University. The course is designed to give students an understanding of both effective and ineffective methods of public relations by studying various cases. For the final project, we were split into groups and assigned to research a case and determine whether we thought it was effective or ineffective.

My group decided on a campaign that was conducted by Metro Trains located in Melbourne, Australia. The goal of the campaign was to make people aware of their surroundings while around trains. The company did so by creating a fun video and song titled “Dumb Ways to Die” that featured cute cartoons showing in non-graphic detail dumb ways to die, including not paying attention while at the train station.

We examined the company’s videos that stemmed from their campaign and how the public reacted to them. We then determined whether the campaign was successful or unsuccessful and discussed what we would have done different if we were conducting the campaign.

To view a pdf copy of my team's case study, click here


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