Auburn City Parks and Recreation Survey Research - Citizen Events

This survey was conducted for the Auburn University class titled “Survey and Research Methods. Three classmates and I were paired up and given a client. Our client was the City of Auburn Parks and Recreation Department.

We started out by meeting with our client and discussed the different issues we could address for the department. One of the issues our client was facing was wanting to know how citizens felt about past events put on by the department, and the types of events that the citizens would like to see in Auburn.

My classmates and I developed a survey using the software Qualtrics to gather citizen feedback regarding special events for Auburn Parks and Recreation. We investigated citizens attitudes toward types of events, location of events, size of events and event themes. The survey was sent out to citizens of Auburn via social media, email and it was featured on the Auburn Parks and Recreation website.

After closing the survey, we analyzed our data and presented it to our client along with our recommendations based on the findings.

To view a pdf copy of my team's research, click here


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